Holiday House in Gascony

The Gers, the Genuine Art de Vivre

A wide range of pleasures and experiences.
Land of Gastronomy, the Gers in Gascony offers many opportunities to spend a fantastic holiday

Here fine restaurants and wines reflect the typical art-de-vivre and the unique know-how of the local producers.

The markets are a great experience, full of colours and flavours, the scent of the gorgeous fresh fruit and vegetable, regional confits and duck magrets...a gastronomic richness based on a live and creative culture.

Living to the rhythm of nature

Come to the Gers, where everyone takes the time to talk, to taste, to experience, to relax and simply to enjoy life.

If you want to be more active, there are plenty of things to do in the Gers. Within 10 Km: swimming, golfing, fishing, bicycling, horse riding,  flying an ULM, walking...

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The village of Castelnau d'Arbieu

Hidden away in Gascony, Castelnau d'Arbieu is a charming hilltop village dating to before the 11th Century. Built on a natural bastion, it was redesigned as a front line fortification against the English in Aquitaine and its houses and architecture still retain the historical atmosphere. Its dominating position offers splendid views over the quiet and peaceful rhythm of the surrounding rural life. 

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